Super Fine Organic T-shirt - ink black
Super Fine Organic T-shirt - ink black

Super Fine Organic T-shirt - ink black

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下記、Payment Methods(お支払い方法について)となります。

下記、Payment Methods(お支払い方法について)




BASICKS / ベイシックス

Super Fine Organic T-shirt.

Fabric / Signture Organic cotton jersey


ブランド設立以来、変わることのない定番素材Super Fine Organic。マイクロ起毛による表面に陰影ができ表情が豊かなのも特徴。ブランドコンセプトである「日常着の循環/アウトライン(輪郭)化」とした白のステッチワークで全て縫製。背面にブランドのシグネチャーであるハートマークロゴをあしらい、ブランドのデザインコードを表現。体を包み込むようなやわらかな着用感。着用する事に柔らかくなる極上の肌触り。ユニセックスサイズのS,Mのサイズ展開。お好みのフィット感に合わせて、サイズをお選びください。












肩幅: 50cm 身幅: 106cm 着丈: 67cm 袖丈: 18cm


肩幅: 52cm 身幅: 109cm 着丈: 68.5cm 袖丈: 19.5cm


肩幅: 54cm 身幅: 112cm 着丈: 70cm 袖丈: 22cm


肩幅: 56cm 身幅: 115cm 着丈: 71.5cm 袖丈: 23cm

The payment methods available for this product are as follows.
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·credit card

Available times

"Lump-sum payment" only.

Cards that can be used


・Credit Card (3-D Secure) - SBPS

Available times

"lump-sum payment", "installment payment", "revolving payment"

・If you use installment payment/revolving payment, on the payment screen
Select "Credit Card Payment - SBPS" .
・Use of installments / revolving payment is over 10,000 yen including tax
Payment is limited.

・Twice payment and bonus payment are not available.
・Please check the number of times you can divide it before using it.

Cards that can be used


*Some payment methods cannot be used with some credit cards.

・Deferred payment (Payday)

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  • Shop with just your email address and mobile number.
  • Multiple purchases can be paid together by the 10th of the following month.

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・Account transfer (payment fee: free)

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・Bank transfer (payment fee: varies depending on the financial institution)

If you register for free with Pay-D Plus, you can use functions such as 3 installment later payments** with no split fee* and monthly budget setting.
*There is no division fee for account transfers and bank transfers.
**Registration procedure is required at the first use for 3 times later payment. In addition, it can only be used when the amount of money spent at one time is 3,000 yen or more.

Not available for backordered orders.

・Other payment methods

Amazon Pay, Pay Pay, Pay Pal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Pay

・Cash on delivery (cash/credit card)

Shipping company: Yamato Transport (Takkyubin Collect)

This is a payment method in which the total amount plus the cash-on-delivery fee is handed over to the delivery company at the time of delivery.
Payment will be cash or credit card.

Not available for pre-orders or backorders.

*Since the sales contract is confirmed at the same time as the order is completed, if you do not receive it and return it to our store, we will add the return shipping fee and re-shipping fee and resend it.

・If you wish to make a bank transfer, please contact us at the following (Ask a question).

·Bank transfer

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*Please pay the transfer fee at the customer's expense.

*Since the sales contract is finalized at the same time as the order is completed, please be sure to make the transfer within 3 days.

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