Designer: Masanori Morikawa

The brand concept is a unisex brand with the concept of "circulating/outlining everyday wear".

Based on the basic design, everything is sewn with white stitchwork and "circulated/outlined" to visualize the design in everyday wear.

By giving the meaning of outline to the white stitchwork that is also found in existing designs, we have added a new sense of value similar to the idea of ​​readymades in the art scene. Proposal to circulate without

We ask, "What is clothing, fashion, and design?"

The "Basicks" brand name comes from a coined word that combines the meaning of Basics, Basic means uncool in slang, and Sick means cool. In addition, Basicks uses organic and sustainable materials for most of its fabric materials based on the concept of "circulation". Other activities such as materials used for delivery are also subject to sustainability activities.
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