Steady, bold and delicate creation
Steady, Bold and Sensitive Creation

A knitwear brand that pursues high-quality and sophisticated styles with the concept of
Inspired by the forms and scenes found in art, architecture, sculpture, nature and everyday life.
I put it into my creations through my own filter.
By mathematically calculating and designing, he creates a well-balanced piece of work.
I started knit design after being fascinated by the delicate and flexible manufacturing process of knits.

Knitwear creates a beautiful form by intertwining each thread intricately and supporting each other while maintaining tension in a well-balanced manner.
The carefully woven high-quality knit naturally and gently wraps around the body and appeals to the wearer's senses.
Simple yet functional, comfortable and sensory approach
Khéiki knitwear offers modern minimalism for modern lifestyles.