「call, overhaul, and roll」小見山峻 Shun Komiyama - FAB4 ONLINE STORE
「call, overhaul, and roll」小見山峻 Shun Komiyama - FAB4 ONLINE STORE
「call, overhaul, and roll」小見山峻 Shun Komiyama - FAB4 ONLINE STORE

"call, overhaul, and roll" Shun Komiyama

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A photo book by photographer Shun Komiyama for the first time in about four years.

In modern society, efficiency is becoming overwhelming justice. Pursuing the positive meaning of “getting lost” in it, I decided to actually get lost, so I decided to get lost as much as possible. The whole story of the road trip I ran through. Escaping from a closed society, burying a close friend who passed away, the desire for complete physical solitude, and the desire to feel the wind on the skin that can only be felt on a motorcycle... this trip was supported by various emotions, It was an escape as a person, not a home, and my goal was never to take pictures. As a result, these photographs, which I left as a record, became more than ever to highlight my pure curiosity.

Music written by musician TAIHEI, and contributions by music journalist Tomoko Ariizumi and fashion designer Keisuke Yoshida will add color to the scenery of the journey that is slowly building up.

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A5 hardcover bookbinding / 216 pages (134 illustrations + 6 pages of text)

ISBN 978-4-9911606-6-0 C0072 Limited to 1000 copies

Photo: Shun Komiyama

Text: Tomoko Ariizumi (editor-in-chief of MUSICA, music journalist), Keisuke Yoshida (designer of KEISUKEYOSHIDA)

Music: Taihei Sakurauchi

Design: Minako Izumi (PINHOLE)

Printing: Fujiwara Printing Co., Ltd.

Bookbinding: Dankuseki

Foil stamping: Cosmotec

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