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Coin Loafers.

Like western shoes, loafers are a staple throughout the season. Not only the jacket style, but also the dress-down look is tightened by the curvaceousness from the opening to the width, and the balance of the heel from the height of the instep to the balance of the heel. , Similar to western shoes, it was completed by requesting Mr. Yasuhiro Mihara, who the designer trusts in production and supervision.

(*1) Goodyear welt manufacturing method After the "rib" and "upper" attached to the insole are stitched together, the "inside material" and "shank (the core material that forms the spine of the shoe)" are stuffed. Sew out the outsole and the welt. It is characterized by the fact that it is hard to get tired even if you wear it for a long time by putting cork in the "middle". Also, by using this "thin leather (welt)", the sole can be replaced. Compared to other manufacturing methods, craftsmanship is more important, and because it requires more parts and labor, it is possible to create extremely durable, long-lasting and supple shoes. By putting cork and felt in the inside, it has excellent moisture absorption and heat insulation, and has excellent cushioning and foot comfort.

*Please note that due to the characteristics of viewing on a monitor, the product image may differ slightly from the actual color.



Size & Fit

SIZE 0 (25.5cm)
Total length: 28.5 cm Maximum width: 10.7 cm Heel height: 2.8 cm
SIZE 1 (26.5cm)
Total length: 29.5 cm Maximum width: 11.0 cm Heel height: 2.8 cm
SIZE 2 (27.5cm)
Total length: 30.5 cm Maximum width: 11.3 cm Heel height: 2.8 cm

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